Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trivia Night

Wess, Courtney, Medina and I won trivia night Monday at the Thirsty Turtle.

Going into the final round, our team, the Protein Shakes, were in third place with 59 points. Team Rusty Trombones were in first place with 75 points.

The final question, for as many points as our team wished to risk up to 20 points, was, "What are the most common languages on the Internet, in order from most to lease common?"

(On our answer card, I immediately started writing, "HTML", "Javascript", "PHP", and "ASP".)

Just then the MC called out, "Spanish? English? Japanese? Chinese?". That was lucky, because I was just guessing about the web programming languages. I was probably way off.

We risked all 20 points and won first place. What do you think the answer was?

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