Monday, January 30, 2012

The prophesy of envy

The essence of the neo-Conservative philosophy is rooted in a self-delusional hypocrisy -- that since all human beings are naturally fallen, sinful, and weak (a projection of their own psychology to others), then it is impossible for a secular human being to do good for others. And yet because the neo-conservative believes their own selves to be redeemed (exceptionally) by deity and therefore entitled to the individual blessings bestowed to me by the loving moral deity, they must protect their success and hoard their material blessings from those ostensibly lesser mortals who would only squander it. It is this way no matter how much suffering such lowly persons must endure, unless I, in my imagined righteousness, deign to stoop low so as to administer my condescending charity.

And therefore, because the basis of social justice and community is a collective loyalty and commitment to mutual liberty and equality, those who would rather distrust and exclude themselves from the global community on the basis of a conviction of their own unique exceptionalism, do thereby create a self-fulfilling prophesy which causes envy and classism defined by their very own selfishness, greed, and false righteousness.

Because after all, if others are actually only interested in their own personal well-being, but I assume that they are lying about their good-intentions (because after all, that is what I would do), then the only logical course is to pre-empt their exploitation of my trust by exploiting them first. This is the cold and calculating application of Merrill Flood's Prisoner's Dilemma game to not only world politics, but to people who's condemnable offense was not being born to a wealthy family in the Exceptional United States.

"As I watched the behavior of the nations of the U.N. (including our own), I found no reasonable ground to expect any one of those governments to transcend permanently their own national interests for those of another country."
-- Jeane Kirkpatrick, American ambassador and ardent anti-Communist

Conservatism: The assumption by psychological projection that others must think and behave as selfishly and as evilly as you do.