Friday, May 22, 2009

12 free songs from (The Free Mixtape)

Several record labels are using to give their sampler albums away. That's right, free mp3s. No DRM. No pirating. No guilt. And the best part? You can pick and choose which individual songs to download from the sampler album. So, unless you already have that Vaselines song, why not download it? Just click. It doesn't get freer and easier than that.

My playlist:
SongArtistRecord Label
1.Hurt FeelingsFlight Of The ConchordsSub Pop
2.Son of a GunVaselinesSub Pop
3.FurrBlitzen TrapperSub Pop
4.MykonosFleet FoxesSub Pop
5.Belated Promise RingIron & WineSub Pop
6.People Got A Lotta NerveNeko CaseAnti
7.Ghosts Under RocksRa Ra RiotBarsuk
8.My Only OfferMates Of StateBarsuk
9.For What ReasonDeath Cab For CutieBarsuk
10.Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh OhSay HiBarsuk
11.When Planets CollideViva VoceBarsuk
12.PushoverThe Long WintersBarsuk
[ playlist.m3u ]

It's like a label promoter person standing outside a music show and handing out CDs to fans, except in cyberspace.

If you've never downloaded music from before, you're in for a treat. Amazon has a music downloading software application (for any operating system), which automatically downloads purchased music for you, and puts in your music folder or loads it into iTunes.

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Anna said...

Very cool! I'm listening to the samples now. :)