Monday, September 21, 2009

Zombie questions

Just a couple to start with for now I suppose.

1. Are zombies capable of a tactical strike? For instance, I have Masterchief-style body armor. But I have to recharge every so often at a solar power collection point. Will zombies destroy the power charge machine to prevent me from continuing to use my battle suit?

Show your work.

2. Poll: Are zombies cannibals? Yes or no. Will a zombie or mob of zombies ever attack a regular human and devour him or her completely, leaving only the victim's skeleton?


Anna said...

All I know is that roomie and I are having trouble formulating a viable zombie escape plan(s). Help??

Nels said...

First, determine if zombies are stupid slow moving mob zombies, fast moving independent rabid zombies, or psycho cannibal super-strength zombies.

Next, ensure that you have a good weapon that is easily accessible in your dorm room. If not, quickly find a good weapon, such as a baseball bat, or a fire axe. Something like these are essential if you can't get your hands on a .45 or a shotgun.

If you have a window in your dorm room, then barricade the entrance with the beds, desks, chairs, whatever. Stock your room with good sturdy climbing rope, so that you can escape through the window if necessary. A grappling hook is also recommended.

If you have no window, then you will have to face the possibility that you may have to battle your way out of your dorm room to a safer place. Your fellow dorm residents will probably mostly all be zombies, and you will have to bat them each in the head as hard as you can. Think of it like playing whack-a-mole at Chuck-e-cheese's. A good baseball bat for denting in zombie skulls should be about as long as your arm. and should be made out of metal, not wood.

Remember that you might have to land multiple blows to take out a single zombie.

You should try to find some kind of body armor to reduce the chances of getting infected from a bite. Thick leather is good for this. A leather jacket will do in a pinch. Also, leather chaps can help.

Leather gloves are a _must_. Hopefully you will avoid having to engage in hand-to-hand combat with a zombie who is rabidly attempting to bite you, but if you are wearing leather gloves, your chances of surviving this scenario are much higher.

Leather clothing is light and durable so it keeps you maneuverable, yet protected. Boots are important, because you're going to be dealing with treacherous terrain and plenty of debris from the general havoc wreaked by zombies and panicking civilians. Try to obtain such armor prior to a zombie outbreak. Getting your hands on stuff like this is many times more difficult once a contagion is in full swing.

Once an outbreak is in effect, just keep a cool head, and act quickly. The faster you start to make your move to a safe house from a place of potential vulnerability the better. The zombie contagion will spread inevitably, and if you start early you will have to deal with less zombies than if you wait until the contagion has spread. However, keep in mind that starting early means having to deal with panicked zombie noobs who can't keep it together and are all terrified and trying to avoid getting eaten and bitten. Lame-o zombie noobs. Geez.

Anton said...

The type of body armor worn by motorcycle riders is a good alternative to leather. Take the solid knee and elbow pads over the reactive pads as they hold up to gnawing longer.