Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Temporary Google Groups post stand-in

Using Google Groups is frustrating.

I tried to reply to an earlier discussion on database switching in
Sequel, but it seems that I somehow sent an e-mail to the author,

I tried to post the following to the sequel-talk discussion group, but two days have passed, and I still do not see my post in on the group page.

Original post:
The following gist demonstrates my problem.


Please know that I realize that this will work if I were to just leave
the Test.db alone. But then the Test.db would still be left with the
original db, even though I explicitly set the Sequel::Model.db, which
is not acceptable.

Also know that I realize that the whole Sequel::Model::descendants
monkey-patch thing is god-awful wrong, but it's the only way I found
to access the db of every defined model. Again, this wouldn't be a
problem if setting the Sequel::Model.db would actually change the
database of the models classes inheriting from Sequel::Model.

Can anyone perhaps offer a solution to this dilemma?

Update: Alright! It posted!

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